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We are grateful to have been offered the chance to work with so many families, children and adults who have found our process to be helpful. Our goal is to make assessment less scary, more accessible and useful in a very practical way. We view each case as unique and we hope these comments from our clients show the care, focus and personalized attention we devote to each and every person.

Image by Lisa Wall

The team at C&C Psychological Services absolutely changed the course of my son's education by providing crucial and in-depth information about his psychological and educational needs and challenges. ​

Girl at School

Dorian was thorough, insightful, compassionate, empathetic. She patiently answered our questions, provided referrals, explained her analysis. 

I feel like I understand my daughter better now and am able to support her and communicate with her more effectively. Strongly recommended.

Father & Daughter

My 10 yr old foster child has emotional disabilities. We had a neuropsychological evaluation done privately and had an IEP meeting scheduled at school.


We wanted what was best for this child but knew navigating the maze of Special Ed can be an intimidating process for parents and reached out to C&C Psychological Services for help.


Paige helped us every step of the way from reviewing the results of the Neuropsych to speaking on our child's behalf at the IEP meeting.


She helped keep everything in balance, was easy to talk to and got us the results we wanted. I would highly recommend C&C Psychological Services!

Image by Georg Arthur Pflueger

We wanted what was best for our child but knew navigating the maze of Special Ed can be an intimidating process for parents and reached out to C&C Psychological Services for help.

Image by Jordan Hopkins

Dorian provided us with clear assessments and information that allowed us to change the direction of our son's support in a meaningful way. 


It also provided his teachers with information on how to best manage and work with my son in a way that would get the desired results. He is now thriving with the right support and also understands his own challenges and is able to advocate for himself. 


In addition, Dorian attended team meetings with us providing the appropriate amount of challenge and support to design the right plan. We couldn't have done it without her.

Image by Ben Mullins

We are the parents of a 10 year old boy who was exhibiting developmental, learning and social issues.


We contacted Dr. Crawford by email.  She was extremely supportive of our needs and scheduled us for an interview very quickly; within a week after the first intake she spent an entire day working with our son, A.   

She continues to support us in A's progress by attending meetings with us, when necessary, and working with the school to develop an individual education plan for A.  


Dr. Crawford is a caring, intelligent, and skilled psychologist who has helped us better understand our son and to be able to help him to understand himself.

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