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Our collaborative, flexible approach to psychological assessment utilizes our clients' input and experiences to design and tailor each evaluation.


Above all, we focus on people first and data second.


We offer a range of services for children and adults, including assessment of cognitive function, memory loss, learning disabilities, attentional difficulties, and mood disorders. Each evaluation includes a concise, integrated report that can be used in educational and work settings as well as a full year of follow-up services.

Our Mission


We understand that the assessment process can be complex and intimidating. We believe that it is our job to make certain that our clients feel comfortable and safe in our hands. We will design a comprehensive evaluation that includes all necessary collateral activities to fully capture the intricacies of each case.


Collaborating with our clients allows us to fully explore the questions that have brought them to us. As part of this partnership, we will have one clinician do the testing, explain the results and provide ongoing consultation. This ensures that we understand the nuances and unique context of each person's experience. 


Because we value the relationship that will develop during the evaluation process, we hope to follow our clients' progress and be of service for years to come.


Dr. Dorian Crawford

Dorian Crawford, PsyD earned a BA from Rhodes College, a MEd from Western Kentucky University and a MA and PsyD from William James College (formerly Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology). She is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, health service provider.


Over two decades of experience working in the mental health field forms the foundation of clinical expertise Dorian uses to offer the most comprehensive and clinically informed assessments possible.  Her background and years of practice mean she sees clients as people first, not just a set of data points.  Everyone has a unique and profound story to tell, and her hope is that neuropsychological testing can help clarify and identify areas of strength and challenge.


Her clinical interests include neuropsychological testing, disabilities and assessment, and specialized consultation on high-risk behaviors.


Dr. Paige Carambio

Dr. Paige Carambio is a graduate of William James College (formerly Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology) where she received both a Master of Arts in Professional Psychology and a Doctorate of Psychology in Clinical Psychology. She is currently a licensed psychologist in the state of Massachusetts.


Dr. Carambio has honed her collaborative, strength-based approach to testing and psychotherapy throughout her personal journey and clinical training. She understands that each case is unique and deserving of an assessment experience tailored to the client’s specific needs. Dr. Carambio’s approachable demeanor and empathic professionalism ensure that her clients feel at ease during every step of the assessment process.


Her clinical interests include neuropsychological testing, trauma, strength-based assessment and treatment, and college mental health.



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