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Coaching & Consultation

We take a flexible, client-centered approach to all of our services. Our consultation options are varied and can be altered to suit each individual situation.

We offer Data Coaching to clients who have already been evaluated in another setting. We believe that your data should be useful for years after your feedback meeting. If you need help understanding your findings, putting the recommendations into use, or are unsure if you need additional testing, we're here to help.

Organizing Data
Neuropsychological testing


​More than thirty years of combined clinical experience allows us to offer a broad array of consultation services to academic settings that address issues related to educational concerns, anxiety, behavioral issues, disabilities, and more.

  • Team building

  • Personality styles

  • Introverts/extroverts

  • Communication, empathy, and assertiveness

  • Stress management skills

  • Organization for success

  • Time management skills

  • Memory tricks and tools

  • Motivating for success (Appreciative Inquiry)

  • Managing major (or minor) change

If your consultation needs don't fit into the above categories, please contact us to discuss additional options.

Data Coaching

The data you receive after a neuropsychological evaluation is yours and you should feel comfortable using that knowledge. We see testing data as a useful tool that can be harnessed in educational, therapeutic, and job settings to increase productivity and improve quality of life.



  • Review of prior testing results (sent to us at least 1 week before first meeting)

  • Explanation of data, section by section

  • Strengths and weaknesses/percentiles

  • Creation of a cognitive/learning profile

  • Option to receive additional recommendations and/or explanation of current recommendations

  • Referrals for other services as needed

  • Diagnostic explanation and clarification

  • Suggestions for additional testing, if needed

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