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At C&C, we think everything works better when done collaboratively.

That's why we focus on conducting evaluations that take our clients' needs into consideration every step of the way.


It's also why we're committed to building a community of providers who are passionate about making our clients' lives better.

Go Team

Below, you'll find information about some of the folks we consider to be integral parts of our provider network as well as some helpful online resources.

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With over 120 years of combined clinical experience, Castle Hill Counseling & Consulting offers a wide range of therapeutic and consultative services such as in home family therapy and DBT skills groups.


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Beyond BookSmart empowers students to manage themselves effectively both in school and beyond by providing tools, strategies and mentoring that lead to a lifetime of success.

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Gold Direct Care offers high quality medical care for a monthly, age-based fee. From routine physical exams to urgent care, patients receive all the benefits of direct primary care. Patients also receive 24-hour access to their doctor through text, email, phone, Skype or in-person visits.

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